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2D Materials Market: Global Market Forecast and Future Potential


2D Materials Market is expected to reach US $2.86 billion by 2027, thanks to growth in the graphene segment. The report analyzes 2D Materials market dynamics by region, type, and end-use.


2D Materials Market Overview:

2D materials, often known as two-dimensional materials, are crystalline materials with a single layer of atoms. 2D materials are classified as 2D allotropes of various elements or compounds such as graphite oxide suspensions with atomic planes. 2D materials are suited for use in the electronics and semiconductor sectors due to properties such as heat and electricity conductivity, corrosion resistance, optical transparency, and flexibility. In 2004, graphene became the first ‘modern' 2D substance to be isolated. There have been hundreds of more cases since then, with a diverse spectrum of features.

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